Discover The Groundbreaking Benefits Trusted By Ancient Shamans

We were skeptical too. At first. Then we were blown away. The results had us asking ourselves, “Could magic exist after all?

What is Deer Antler Spray

A traditional Chinese Medicine, used for thousands of years for its shamanic-level powers. Deer Antler Velvet Extract boasts several unique health benefits, particularly for anyone who seeks to improve:

Rich in a powerful growth factor, Deer Antler Extract boasts impressive benefits still somehow unknown to many fitness enthusiasts.


Strengthens Healthy Testosterone 


Supports Fat Loss Goals

Healing capabilities

Immune System Fortification 

We will dive into that powerful growth factor further down the proverbial road so stick around. In the meantime…

How Deer Antler Extract Works

It comes down to one thing. Nature is wild.
Most people don’t know this but…

Deer Antler Velvet Extract is Buck Friendly!

Each year, stags replace their antlers. This natural shedding process ensures their antlers are always strong enough to defend themselves, especially during rutting season.

The old antlers break off and come springtime the jubilant new set begins to rapidly grow. During growing season, the new antlers boast a unique appearance. Instead of their usual hard ivory, they’re soft and covered in fine hair.

This is important because...we break down muscle fibers in order to grow them. Applying the regenerative powers of deer antler velvet could lead to similar results in humans (for muscles, not antlers).

We appreciate the question. Animal friendliness is important to us too. No worry needed though.

Harvesting the fur on deer antlers is a safe and simple process that causes very little stress to the animals.

The deer are first gently sedated so they enter smoothly into the procedure, then given an anesthesia to make sure they don’t experience any pain or discomfort. After the anesthesia’s kicked in, an experienced veterinarian carefully removes the majority of the antlers that have grown. Then the empowering stag is given a high hoof for his valiance and generosity.

But what about the deer, you ask?Your Patience Pays Off…

Remember that Epic Growth Factor Mentioned Earlier? The Time of Unveiling Has Arrived!

IGF-1.                           :                  An Unrivaled Champion

(Insulin-Like Growth Factor)

Demonized by many due to a controversial history, the growth factor known as IGF-1 is a potent growth potentiate within the human body. IGF-1 has been hailed as one of the most empowering compounds when it comes to achieving goals—especially in health, athletic performance, and even anti-aging.

Tragically, very few tap into IGF-1’s secret stores of power. As a result, robbing themselves of their infinite fitness potential. This is largely due to propangandized fear and misinformation so before I declassify all the clinically studied benefits of the IGF-1 found in Deer Antler Spray, I would like to formally introduce you to the one and only...

How Is Such Power Possible?!What is IGF-1 really?

Warning! Knowledge Bombs of Science Incoming

A powerful hormone produced in the liver then transported through the bloodstream and has effects on muscle bone and etc

Called IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) because it's a growth factor of polypeptides with insulin-like properties. The 1 stands for Binding Protein 1. There are binding proteins from one to six but binding protein #1 is extensively studied and has shown effects for muscle growth.

IGF-1 is mediated by growth hormone. We see after exercise a testosterone response followed by a growth hormone response then a delayed Insulin-like growth factor release. There’s a delayed response of about 8-24 hours before we see the effects of IGF. We know that growth hormone is the primary hormone responsible for stimulating the release of IGF from liver. Affected by testosterone and thyroid hormones.

But what about the deer, you ask?

Five Functions of IGF-1, specifically in training

IGF-1 plays several critical roles in building muscle, increasing fat loss, and longevity. For muscle building in particular, it is epically beneficial. This is due to Four Functions of IGF-1:

Increased Protein Anabolism (Muscle Protein Synthesis)

Decreased Catabolism (Muscle Protein Breakdown)

Inhibits Glucocorticoids (Effect on Gluconeogenesis)

Increased Insulin Sensitivity  

We will analyze each of these beneficial functions. Before we do though, we need to ensure you understand the fundamentals of muscle growth. So follow me, and let’s set our foundation!

Hypertrophy: Foundational Knowledge Needed to Drink From The Fountain of Gainz

Hypertrophy is defined as an increase in muscle cells—and consequently, increased lean muscle mass. Now, one of the most important aspects of muscle hypertrophy is a two-fold process of:

Muscle protein synthesis (anabolism)

Muscle protein breakdown (catabolism).

When we perform resistance training, we induce small micro tears in the muscle fibers. The body pulls from amino acids found in muscle proteins to repair and rebuild the torn muscle fibers. Think of the torn muscle fiber like a frayed strand of twine. The body fuses new muscle protein fibers to the damaged fiber to form stronger, thicker rope, thereby increasing the size and strength of the previously torn muscle. And, voila! We have muscle protein synthesis.

While muscle protein synthesis is occurring, another process is occurring that tends to get in the way of stimulating muscle growth. It is the evil opposition attempting to thwart your mission for muscle growth, and it is called proteolysis (commonly referred to as muscle protein breakdown). Muscle protein breakdown tries to degrade those new muscle proteins you might try to use to grow.

That’s where IGF-1 (and proper nutrition) comes in...with FOUR powerfully beneficial functions.

1 -Protein Anabolism:

2 -(Decrease or 🠋) Proteolysis:

IGF-1 plays a powerful role in the process of muscle protein synthesis, helping stem cells differentiate into new muscle cells -- i.e. build new muscle proteins.

This important relationship to the muscle protein synthesis response in turn can increase protein synthesis. As a result, the IGF-1 found in Deer Antler Velvet Extract promotes accelerated muscle repair. Consequently, helping you pack on more lean muscle mass.  

The benefits of IGF-1 on muscle growth don’t stop there though. IGF-1 also has an impressive effect on muscle degradation (or muscle protein breakdown).

In the body, there are specific enzymes that play a significant part in the crime against gainz—protein breakdown. Don’t you worry though. IGF-1 and supplements rich in IGF-1 (Deer Antler Spray) help to inhibit those enzymes from breaking down your precious muscle proteins.

Think about anabolism and catabolism in an equation of building to breaking down. IGF-1 simultaneously affects both parts of the equation:

• Helps your body stack up those muscle proteins.

• Protects the body from breaking down those same muscle proteins.

3-Inhibits Glucocorticoids:

Glucocorticoids have a bunch of functions, because the body is cool like that. But we will focus on one of their most important functions —at least, most important for our body composition goals—response in liver of gluconeogenesis.

The aforementioned important role has to do with another interesting process known as gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis (or, making new glucose) is basically the body’s ability to pull amino acids from proteins to use as fuel. From a survival standpoint, this process is kind of incredible when you think about it.

However, if we’re not careful, gluconeogenesis can severely stall our muscle building quest. If you recall, a couple sections above I mention how the body needs the amino acids found in proteins to repair and rebuild the necessarily micro-torn muscle fibers after an intense training session. This is because protein’s primary function in the body is to repair tissues. And although protein can be used for other purposes, such as fuel (when gluconeogenesis is occurring), that is not what protein is ‘designed’ for. So, when the body has to go into a state of gluconeogenesis, two negatively impactful things happen:

• Your body is running off a suboptimal fuel source (the body’s preferred fuel is glycogen, and it can also super effectively run off ketones)

• The proteins needed to repair muscle tissue are being called away from their primary job (rebuilding) to be used as fuel. And in this case, a double negative does not equal a positive.

Back to glucocorticoids: Glucocorticoids facilitate gluconeogenesis. So, when we inhibit the activity of glucocorticoids, it results in decreasing gluconeogenesis, thereby sparing amino acids.

This powerful net win gives our amino acids the freedom to do their primary job —build muscle. In this way, IGF-1 rich Deer Antler Velvet extract strongly supports muscle growth.

4-Increase Insulin Sensitivity

When we eat food, and we digest carbohydrates, that puts glucose into the blood stream. When glucose enters our blood stream, that increases insulin response. As we have blood sugar increase, we also get an insulin response, which is telling said glucose where to go.

The thing about glucose is that it’s kind of like the universal fact that guys refuse to ask for directions, even when lost. So if glucose doesn’t get proper directions from insulin regarding where to go, then we wind up with glucose that’s wandering off in all the wrong places, instead of arriving at its proper destination of helping fuel our bodies (so protein doesn’t have to get taken away from its primary job).

When we increase insulin sensitivity, that will help promote insulin release thereby increasing glucose uptake. Increasing glucose uptake means we can utilize ingested nutrients more effectively. Adding that benefit onto IGF-1’s other already powerful properties makes it kind of a no-brainer staple to any supplement stack geared toward….

• Building lean muscle mass

• Body recompositioning

• Fat loss

The interplay between IGF-1 and insulin affects more than just muscle building though.

Discover how insulin resistance and, conversely, insulin sensitivity affects weight loss

IGF-1 and fat loss: Functions related to Insulin

Let’s talk about insulin resistance for a second. Insulin resistance means that the walls of the cells within the body that must take in glucose for energy have a greatly lowered sensitivity to insulin, making it harder for cells to receive necessary glucose.

When this occurs, glucose remains in the bloodstream, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. That excess sugar reaches the liver, and gets converted to fat, leading to unwanted weight gain.

This all falls onto the spectrum of insulin sensitivity. When you have super sensitive insulin, those cell walls needed for glucose-energy conversion have an easier time receiving the necessary glucose. As a result, there’s a seriously decreased chance of excess sugar getting converted to fat, leaving your body all trim and lean.

That might sound a bit complex so really the only thing you need to take home is:

Insulin Resistance = Bad for weight loss

Insulin Sensitive = good for weight loss

IGF-1’s ability to increase insulin sensitivity increases that glucose uptake, which can put a stop to any excess sugar hitting the liver. Talk about multi-purpose!

This begs the question…

Why on earth would anyone be so cruel as to try robbing you of such benefits found in IGF-1 rich Deer Antler Spray?!

Deer Antler Spray Myths

Despite the growing evidence around this mythical powerhouse supplement, Deer Antler Spray is still shrouded in myth.

While this can be frustrating for those of us in the know, it’s only a testament to the power of Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

Ask any member of the X-MEN—naysayers will always try to oppress anything of truly noteworthy power. In this case, that censorship, oppression, and lying targets Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

Because They fear what might happen if you gain the power of Deer Antler Spray. Frankly, they should fear you. After all, the uncanny powers of IGF-1, found within Deer Antler Velvet, could be just the tool you need to leave the doubters breathing in your dust — while you conquer your goals.

But where did the myths really come from? Controversy and Professional Sports

Why was Deer Antler Spray Banned?

As shown in this article, insulin-like growth factor, IGF-1, can mediate the level of human growth hormone in the body. When these special powers of IGF-1 are harnessed, the rate of muscular recovery can be greatly reduced.

Due to these uncanny benefits in athletic performance, recovery, and strength, some professional sports decided it necessary to ban Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

This has applied to the NFL as well as Major League Baseball. Because apparently some leagues and associations prefer to keep power out of the hands of their athletes.

With Reviews like these, can you really blame anyone for wanting to (try) leveling the playing field?!

Keith f

Kim R

kris d

I was following a completely different program before this bootcamp. I just followed blindly along with videos, but the bootcamp changed that for me. I can now workout with just my knowledge of what each move does for my muscles without following a video. By the end, I just glance at the workouts as a refresher but then crush it by the end feeling the best kind of sore! 

As a teacher and mom I was constantly putting my own health to the side but in the last few months I have decided to change. The summer shred provided me with a place to keep myself motivated as so many people would share out their success and struggles. The workouts were great because I could do them on my schedule and adapt them to working out in the home. I feel so much better and can see I’m looking better.

Out of every fit Facebook group I've ever tried out, this one was the best. Every day was filled with tips, encouragement, and laughter! The momentum never died which helped with stopping the burnout phase.

I hate to use the phrase, changed my life. But this really did change my life. I am so proud of my new muscles. I am 31 years old and have never been healthier than I am now. Thanks to the workout plan and the instructional videos. I feel like a pro at the gym. I am confident and I know exactly what I am doing in the gym. Thanks to the Bucked Up Summer Shred for changing my body and my life.

Is Deer Antler Spray Safe?

Although surrounded by controversy, the only concern anyone who doesn’t have to worry about a professional sports organization wrongfully throwing the proverbial book at them should have is whether they can really afford to miss out on the potential gains IGF-1 rich Deer Antler Spray can encourage.

Deer Antler spray is a safe, legal supplement that’s a powerful tool for anyone seeking noteworthy gains, and has even been touted as an effective way to increase testosterone and accelerate injury recovery.

And finally answer the most important question

Where Can You Get Deer Antler Spray?

The process is extremely simple. Learn how to synthesize bio-organic materials, wander off into the wild, locate the best looking velvet you can find, and get to work.

Alternatively, you could try a more effective route…

Whether you take this useful link or head into a Bucked Up retail store is up to you.

It really comes down to how many more days you feel you can really afford to go without arming yourself with one of the most powerful fitness supplements on the market.

Luckily, we at Bucked Up understand your need for gainz. That’s why we boast insanely fast delivery times. Because you deserve the powers of IGF-1 rich Deer Antler Spray. And you deserve those powers, like, yesterday.

Focus your scope on and add Deer Antler Velvet’s vast benefits to your regimen today!


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